Family Update

Y’all 3 weeks ago it was one of those weeks. My parents celebrated 46 years of marriage on Monday, my sweet friends adoption on was final on Wednesday, my mama went home to the Lord on Thursday and my birthday was Saturday. She was free. No more pain, no more sorrow.

I moved back to Texas at the end of February to savor these last days with my mama. She lost her battle to ALS still fighting with such a hopeful spirit. She was one who made such an impact on every person she came in contact with. Everyone she met thought they were her best friend. I am so blessed for the time I got to spend with her especially these last couple of months.

ALS is an ugly diagnoses. There is nothing that can be done, no cure. My mom was a devoted wife, she was an elementary teacher for 30 years, loved and respected by those who knew her, took care of everyone, and the greatest host for those in her home. She loved college football, betting against my dad on Saturday games, fishing, golf, shopping, reading the Lord, spending time with her bible study friends digging into his word, loved me fiercely, her pets and her family, and supportive of all my adventures.

She never stopped fighting during her biggest life challenge with ALS. She had about 3 years from her first diagnosis with us total. It started with a small injury to her right ankle. It is like being captive in your own body. Your mind is there, you know what is happening but you can’t do anything about it. Once it started to progress it happens very quickly – losing ability to walk, drive, speak, write, text, use a computer, smile, feed herself, bathe herself or take care of herself. She spent the last months laying motionless in a hospital bed in the middle of our living room surrounded by family, friends and nurses.

I am going miss her. Dad and I are doing good, adjusting to a new season.


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