Spring Reads: Scary Close

Don Miller can write! I won’t say that this book was life changing for me but I said a lot of “YES” out loud. Mostly because I can name a few people who are this person now. Insecurity is LOUD!

It was a quick and easy read about relationships. It’s like a conversation with a good friend of him telling stories of his life that you can relate. I think people would argue they are nothing like him at all, but deep down I think everyone has a season of screaming insecurities. Over coming fear of rejection and being your true self.

True self – isn’t the titles we give ourself, you know the ace card. The things we think make people like us. Smart, athletic, funny, pretty, fun, bubbly are just a few examples. It’s the vulnerable self, the one who doesn’t need to control others’ behaviors.

He talks about his struggle with writer’s block and how he had to overcome the fear to get past it. We all have something we fear that is holding us back. We don’t need motivation. We need let go of the fear. So, stop manipulating people and be your true self.

All the right people will love you, support you and cheer you on without conditions or what it can do for them. You may find exactly what you’ve been looking for – the words for a book you want to write, your ideal client, a community of friends, a spouse or your dream job.

Drop the act!

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