Travel Diary: Hello, As-salam alaykum

Friend from the Souk! Loved this guy!

During the month of June 2011, I spent most of my time between Ireland and Kuwait. Talk about two completely different places. One is cold and rainy and most people spend their time drinking or drunk 😉 and in Kuwait its very hot and its shisha not alcohol. As a primarily Muslim country, Kuwait has no alcohol available as it is illegal. I loved my time in Kuwait much to my surprise. The hotel was the best, it was always ice-cold with the best blackout curtains!! Oh and the best breakfast!

In Kuwait, the primary language is Arabic. Here are some translations for common words:
Please: Min fadhlik
Thank You: Shukran
Hello: As-salam alaykum
Goodbye: Ma’a salama

My first trip to the souk was fantastic, we had dinner and I was able to meet a wonderful local.  The most important influence on Kuwait’s food came with the arrival of other Arab people as Levantine (also known as Lebanese) cuisine arrived. This brought hummus, tabbouleh, and spices that are now common in Kuwait.

I also made sure I bought myself a couple of goodies to bring back home. The photos are from my iPhone 3 and first visit to Kuwait City. I only took a couple of photos on the visits following.  Most of my time in Kuwait I spent enjoying the city. A trip to the souk, sleeping, eating, working out or laying by the pool depending on flight times in and out. Such wonderful kind people we met, always doing the best to make us feel welcome.


Kuwait City, Shukran!


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